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A quick favour to ask from the CSI-watchers on my flist. For various reasons, I've missed the last two episodes. I think the last one I saw was the lab rats episode - has anything major happened in the last 2 episodes that I need to know about before the series finale? Thank you!

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Right, I am trying to avoid the very spoilery trailer that Channel 5 persist in showing in almost every advert break.

You missed 'Ending Happy', a usual CSI whodunnit with the added humour of Peter Stormare (Abruzzi - Prison Break) overacting like mad and causing Brass to be almost giggly. Not much to do with the finale.

'Leapin' Lizards' is another 'crazy Nevada' story of UFO club members believing that aliens are about to take over the human race.

'The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix' is a traditional Western set-up. Lady Heather returns and we see more of her life following the death of her daughter. Sara is rattled by the close relationship between Lady Heather and Grissom.

In all three, Grissom and Sara have continued to be more open with each other, though not with the rest of the team. To understand the miniature killer, G is making a model of his own office. Finale on Tuesday!

Thanks Lisa - I caught the trailer by mistake yesterday which suddenly brought home to me how many episodes I'd missed recently and there's nothing I hate more than wondering whether I've missed something crucial to the plot!

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